Registration Process

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Assignment: Registration Process


You are collecting up the following screenshots (see detailed requirements down below this list):

  1. "Screenshot #1 Account Page" - demonstrates you have successfully logged in and know where the Customer Domain Panel is located and that you can only add a domain name you have purchased from NameCheap, GoDaddy, etc. and that it is not for changing subdomain names.
  2. "Screenshot #2: Dashboard Page"- demonstrates you have succeeded in getting to the page with the course materials link on it.
  3. "Screenshot #3: Essentials Course Home Page" - demonstrates you have navigated to the course materials.
  4. "Screenshot #4: New Site Login Page" - demonstrates you know how to navigate to your web site.
  5. "Screenshot #5: Logged into new site as Administrator" demonstrates you know how to log in to your web site.

In order to have a smooth registration process, you need to accomplish several tasks, and most importantly understand a few key processes.

  1. First, open a Word file or a Google Doc file. You will use this to put your assignment screenshots into.
  2. Next, register using the documented process following the Registration Guide. Do not bookmark this page. You can bookmark later but not now. The reason is because the bookmark now will just take you back to the registration area but you will have already accomplished that. So if you do Bookmark it - it won't work. Instead, bookmark after you have completed the registration process and are on the Dashboard of your site.
  3. At the end of the Registration you will end up on the Account Page and once you are there you should take "Screenshot #1 Account Page" (showing the Set Custom Domain name panel* in the upper right hand corner of the page.) and add that to the Word file or Google Doc file. See note below.
  4. The Student navigates to the Dashboard page showing the link to the Essentials course, takes "Screenshot #2: Dashboard Page" and adds that to the Word file or Google Doc file.
  5. Now navigate to the dashboard as shown in the Registration Guide. Click on the "e-Business for Entrepreneurs Essentials" course link and arrive at the Essentials course home page. Here you take  "Screenshot #3: Essentials Course Home Page"  and add that to the Word file or Google Doc file. Now you log out.
  6. Student enters the newly created site URL with /wp-admin added onto the URL bar and press return such that you and navigate there. Your screen shows login panel. Here you take  "Screenshot #4: New Site Login Page"  and adds that to the Word file or Google Doc file. Now continue to login, and arrive at the Dashboard page. Hover over the Site Name and clicks on the link to Visit Site, and you arrive at the front end of site.  Next take "Screenshot #5: Logged into new site as Administrator,"  showing the URL and showing that BizLaunch Builder is available on the Admin Bar at the top of the page, and adds that to the Word file or Google Doc file.
  7. Now submit a PDF of the Word or Google Doc file to your assignment area for your course. Assignment Complete!
They have now properly registered, found the Set Custom Domain panel and been informed of what it does, then gotten to the Essentials course page, and finally logged in properly to the new site so they know, and can do, what they need to get off to an excellent start!
*Set Custom Domain panel instructions explain that the Set Custom Domain name panel is located on the right hand side, what it is, and is not used for. Basically we describe that if they decide to use a custom domain name that they will enter it there later on in the Domain Name lesson, otherwise they are not to enter anything there.