Domain Names

Gmail from Google is the best email service available today.  For those who want a basic business email, choose


which has become acceptable in the business world. Or you can move up to the next level and choose a GSuite account, considered a low cost solution, where you get email addresses like


There are significant benefits to using Gmail services, perhaps most importantly a high level of deliverability!  

Registering a domain name establishes your presence and puts you on the path to having a credible identity as an online business, and increases branding, communication and marketing opportunities.

When you’re about to create a website, there are two things you need: (1) someplace to host your site, and (2) a name for your site. These two things act like your virtual property and address where people will come in order to find you online.  BizLaunch provides the hosting site for you.  You will select and register your own domain name, point it to our hosting site, and then set up your business emails.

Once you have selected and purchased your domain name, you go into your account at your domain name provider and point your domain to our hosting servers. The explanation on how to do this is given in step by step PDF guides under the Assignment tab for this lesson. You can also contact your domain name provider, such as Google, GoDaddy, or NameCheap, and ask them to do the pointing of the "custom domain name server" for you.  It will only take them a minute and it will be done! Once you have pointed your domain name to our hosting servers, after 24 hours you can set your custom domain name in your account on the Custom Domain Name panel (see instructions in Topic below). 

The Learning Objectives in this lesson are:

  • Choose a domain name
  • Purchase your domain name using a name provider like Google, GoDaddy or NameCheap
  • Register your domain name and point it at our host provider
  • Go into your Account area on your web site and enter the domain name into the Custom Domain Name panel. See the instructions in the topic below. 
  • Create your Gmail mail accounts.


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