Building the Home Landing Page

1. Introduction

This Topic describes how to build your first Home/Landing page. We focus on understanding the Problem, the target, and the solution.  This layout has proven very effective as a technique for optimizing customer conversions.

While it is not required to adhere strictly to the exact layout, best results are achieved following the sequence provided.

2. Reading

This section contains a reading on designing your Home page. When you first design your site, the first Home Page serves as your initial landing page. Please follow this template closely for best results.

Composing the Home Page BLU V1.0 Optimized


3. Video

This video is the recording of the PPT lecture on Building the Home Landing Page


This video shows how to build the Header row with MVP and Call to Action

This video show how to build the row with Problem Target Solution

This video shows how to build the row with Testimonials

4. Assignment

Your assignment is to build the Home/Landing Page as described in the Topic.


5. Summary

Following this topic you will have accomplished:

  1. Familiarize yourself with how to open and edit modules, and put your business information and content into the modules.
  2. Build your first Home/Landing page following a layout useful for creating high conversions.